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Polyurethane potting material

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product details

Product introduction

This product is a room temperature curable polyurethane type elastic-pouring material. It has the advantages of good softness, excellent shock-proof performance, and not easy to crack under cold and hot shock. It is mainly applied to the insulation packaging of various igniter, transformer and other electronic components. Sensor, flowmeter, water meter, weighing apparatus circuit board filling, automobile door lock, remote controller filling, driving power supply, module heat conduction filling, controller, automobile harness sealing.

Product characteristics

Soft and elastic, high mechanical properties, and high electrical insulation.

polyurethane elastic filling material overcomes the shortcomings of common epoxy resin brittleness, low strength and poor adhesion of silicone resin. It has excellent water resistance, heat and cold resistance, ultraviolet radiation resistance, acid and alkali resistance, high and low temperature impact resistance, moisture resistance, environmental protection, high cost performance and other characteristics. It is an ideal filling material for electronic components. Protective materials. Polyurethane products cover your various needs. We can provide specific solutions and solutions according to customer needs. Professional knowledge enables us to respond to customer needs immediately, we provide products with UL certification, ROHS environmental certification, for each kind of filling demand we have the corresponding solution. Polyurethane sealant chooses imported raw materials, the product does not foam, high physical strength, hardness covers from gel to hard state, most of the products are suitable for dispensing equipment matching use, can meet the rapid large-scale production.

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