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Flame retardant epoxy adhesive

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product details

Anhui Zhongbo flame retardant epoxy resin adhesive, using a variety of flame retardant technology, synthesized a variety of types of flame retardant epoxy resin adhesive; glass transition temperature can be selected from 60-120 ~C; VO class flame retardant (UL94), in line with the European Union 201 1/65/EU RoHS 2.0 ban and REACH regulations;

It has APG technology and traditional vacuum casting process.

Its mechanical and electrical properties are excellent.

_can be used in medium and high voltage electrical insulating parts, transformers, transformers, sealed poles, solid insulating switches, flame-retardant mats and other insulation products. Our company develops the room temperature curable flame retardant epoxy resin according to the market demand, which can be applied to the encapsulation of various electronic components such as igniter, transformer, ignition coil, capacitor and so on.

application area

  • 应用领域
  • 阻火母排
  • 绝缘件
  • 互感器
  • 固体绝缘开关
  • 固封极柱
  • 变压器
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