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Digital tube and dot matrix epoxy resin packaging materials

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product details

Product introduction

product is a medium temperature curable epoxy resin packaging material. This product has good transparency, simple operation process, excellent UV resistance and so on. It is mainly used for insulation encapsulation of light-emitting devices such as digital tube, plane tube, dot matrix module and so on.

Product characteristics

This product is a special packaging glue for digital tube and dot matrix display (LED DISPLAY). After mixing, it has low viscosity, good fluidity, easy defoaming, long service time and easy operation.

It can be cured at moderate temperature or high temperature, curing speed is fast.

After curing, the shrinkage rate is low, the moisture resistance is good, the gloss and hardness are high.

The cured material has uniform light transmission, no color, good mechanical strength, excellent electrical characteristics, moisture and heat resistance and atmospheric aging.

application area

  • 数码管
  • 数码管
  • 数码管
  • 数码管
  • 点阵块
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