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Epoxy resin encapsulating materials for capacitors and electrical appliances

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product details

Product introduction

The product series includes room temperature, medium temperature and high temperature curing epoxy resin filling and sealing materials, which can be divided into flame retardant, environmental protection, thermal conductivity and high temperature resistance (above 200C) according to different properties. We can provide personalized products and solutions according to customers' requirements.

Product application

It is suitable for ignition, transformer, ignition coil, high-voltage package, transformer, neon lamp transformer, LED module, aquarium water pump, waterproof lamp, capacitor and other electronic component

Master product features

Turn drink low viscosity, good fluidity, easy to penetrate into the product gap.

After curing, it has no air bubble, smooth surface, good gloss and high hard bottom. Potion operation process is simple, solidified surface gloss, excellent electrical performance.

The cured material has good insulation, compressive properties and high bonding strength.

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